Sunday, July 26th


 Another beautiful day to walk.  The problem is the three peregrinos, plus Manolo, have a stomach bug.  Along the way we passed Monte De Gozo, the Mountain of Joy where St. John Paul II celebrated Mass.  The last 2 km seemed like forever.  We obtained our compastella and checked into our HOSTEL, which happens to have a five star rating! 

We  arrived in Santiago, slightly tired!


Saturday 25th of July

We had another beautiful day for walking.  Butch was not as critical today as we managed not to take any wrong turns.  It was an uneventful day, but Butch was the only one to make it to Mass; Brian and I were there in spirit due to a stomach bug.  Before Mass we arrived at our hotel Casa Calvo (House of the Bald).  Did they change the name for the three bald headed pilgrims?  Tomorrow completes our journey to Santiago.


July 24th, Friday 

Today was a walk of prayer and penance… it rained all day. Butch kept telling us we were going the wrong way, so I had to suggest to Butch to “zip it up and pray” (ever though he was right).

In the evening Manolo drove us to Santiago where we, and half of Spain, gathered to celebrate the Vigil of the Feast of St. James.  We were fortunate to get into Mass and witness the special use of the Botafumeiro.  We were the last group to get in the door; it was packed +.  We returned to the hotel where we had a pilgrims meal…. fit for a king.            

Note: click on picture if distorted