September 12 Monday

We ate breakfast at the Parador and departed for Madrid. Our drive will take approximately eight hours. The plan is to stop in Villafranca for lunch and stay at the airport Hilton in Madrid.

We will be home tomorrow afternoon which is when the memories of our trip begin.😊

The tomb of St.James

September 11 Sunday

After breakfast we moved to The Hostel de dos Reyes Católicos which is A five star Parador. Originally built by king Ferdinand and Isabel which served as a hospital for the pilgrims. It is located next to the Cathedral.

Fr Charlie concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral of St. James with Deacon Brian and Butch.

The historic Botafumiero, smoking fire, was used at Mass.

After Mass we visited to tomb of the Apostle St. James.

Dinner was in hotel.  After we walked around area enjoying the ambiance of this historic site.


September 10 Saturday

We left our hotel overlooking the water with our destination being Santiago de Compostela.


Outside the Cathedral of Saint James which was built by King Ferdinand  and Isabel in the late 1400s.

Tomorrow   Fr Charlie will celebrate Mass at the main altar accompanied with deacon Brian and Butch.

And we had dinner at a nice restaurant Don Quijote.

September 9 Friday

We continued on our journey beginning at the Ermita of St.Peter.

Father Charlie again walked the width of the Camino for morning exercise ! 


Brian calculated that we walked 26,000 steps today.

The blue arrows indicate the route to Fatima.

September 8

We began walking at marker zero in Finisterra, the end of the earth.

  • It was a beautiful walk along the water line. After about six hours we came to a mountain which took an additional two hours to climb. We finished the day’s journey at the top, exhausted after eight hours on the Camino.

Finisterra is in the distant background.

We ended the day celebrating Mass honoring the 28th anniversary of the diocese and the Birth of Mary.