Tuesday, October 24th

Today we drove from Santo Domingo de Calzado to Madrid. We bid farewell to our friend Manolo, and after checking in to the Ritz, we went to the Plaza Mayor for lunch. After perusing the coin and religious articles shops, we returned to our hotel. Early tomorrow Bob, Brian and Butch return to the States, while Karl will remain behind to vacation with his wife and Julie who will arrive tomorrow. At the close of the day we enjoyed sharing memories while relaxing with drinks in the lounge at the historic Five Star Ritz Hotel.



Monday, October 23rd

Our last day on the Camino began in Najera and ended in San Domingo de Calzada. The weather was perfect! We are staying in the San Bernardo Parador which is excellent. After Mass at the Church of the Assumption, we settled in for a meal at the Los Caballeros restaurant. We said farewell to the friends we made on the Camino and prepared to head for Madrid in the morning. God has been so good to us!





Sunday, October 22nd

Butch began our day early with a trip to the emergency room. The glass shower door in his room fell off its track and cut him; he required 7 stitches and several bandaids. We visited The Church of the Assumption in Villamedina de Iregua after which we had lunch in a bar next to the church. We arrived in our hotel, the HosterĂ­a San Millian, half of which is still an active Augustinian monastery. This is the part of the country in which the Spanish language originated. We finished the evening celebrating Karl’s 70th birthday.





Saturday, October 21st

Today we walked from Los Arcos to Logrono along remote roadways with few places for water or refreshment. We visited an octagonal shaped church that is one of three replicas of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. We finished the day with Mass and a Tapas Crawl with fellow pilgrims from Mexico that we met on The Camino several days ago.




Friday, October 20th

Today the pilgrims walked from Estella to Los Arcos under Sunny skies (mostly). We have enjoyed seeing our new Camino friends (from all around the world) as we again walk through vineyards, olive orchards and freshly tilled fields that have been prepared for the winter. At Mass this evening Brian and Butch were able to serve as deacons. After a wonderful dinner, we retired for the night. BTW the rumor is true, Karl and Butch did get a massage early in the morning.